Дмитрий Лукашенко

Уважаемые авторы и читатели, это стихотворение написано в соавторстве:
мной и моей дочерью Анной Лукашенко (от ее лица).

I love you, Moscow! And your
Dramatic history and life
I’d like to keep, I’d like to store.
We must avoid the civil strife.

I was a child, when we first met
Your Kremlin  walls impressed me then.
I keep in mind and can’t forget – 
I had to look at you again.

My hero-city, let me feel
And understand you with my soul.
To centuries I would appeal
To know in the history your goal.

We often hear that we’re called
The generation from nowhere.
Stop it! It has to be controlled.
We’re Russians. That’s it. Be aware!

We’ll learn a lot from documents,
What path we go and what we went.
The newsreel shows me events,
That is for history content:

I see parades on Red Square sett,
A spire pierces Moscow sky…
Please, tell me, what must we regret?
We’ll never say to history: “Good bye”.

And people’s memory keeps all –
Defeats in battles and that day,
We won. We always shall recall
That awful war, that horrid way.

On monuments we shall discern
Reflections of your destiny.
The history can’t be returned.
It is to be accompanied.

Don’t pay attention to my youth.
Embrace me warmly, do it, please!
I’d like to be so good and worth,
That I can’t stop my running tears!


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